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  • 180° Viewing

    Everything that surrounds us has a view field of 360 degrees and the scenes over here are exactly half of it. VirtualXporn can display and record a view field that is larger than the human's sight. No matter if you move, if you turn to the right or to the left, if you look down or up, you will see the added content that wasn't on screen.

  • Head Tracking

    What is Head Tracking: Your VR device can determine the place of your head inside the virtual environment due to the Head Tracking technology. VirtualXporn can feel the moment when your head's location or direction is changed and it makes adjustments what you see on the scree according to this.

  • Binaural Sound

    The sound heard by the human ear is reproduced by the Binaural recordings. Binaural actually means using both ears. The 360° sound, original and clear, is perceived by you, when you use the headphones to listen to the VirtualXporn scenes.

  • Shot in 3D

    Two separate cameras that are situated at the same distance, just like the humans eyes, record the VirtualXporn scenes. Before being delivered to our eyes, the videos are shot from different angles. This leads to the creation of a three-dimensional depth, exactly how it happens in the real life.

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